Salience Dining

As Salience dining tables and chairs are individually made, all designs are unique.

Solid woods, Decorative Veneers,
Paint effects and even Metal leaf (Gold / Silver leaf)

Salience dining tables are all made to order, this special service
allows individual scope for personalization and uniqueness.
As each table is made for you, you can specify your perfect size and finish.
Many finishes can be achieved, if you have something special in mind, just ask.
To compliment your table we also make dining chairs,
you can see some examples below.

The Web Table

This is one of my favorite designs, I spent a few hours over this one!
The material used here is MDF, it has been painted with an ivory colour
and then had a crackle glaze with gold rubbed into the cracks.
The lights inside are LED's, which give off a very subtle blue tint.
Web table set for dining
You can see in the left image the chairs, and how they are designed to match. The tops having the same web type curves, the legs are also 8 sided and have the same finish as the table. Looking down through the glass gives the internal perspective a whole new look. Here you can see the LED's and the amazing shapes that draw your eyes right down into the pedestal.
Set as center show piece
Looking down into the table

The Round Table

The round version looks quite different, the overall diameter of the glass
is the same as the Web table, but the overall effect is a much larger table.
This one is a veneered Oak pedestal, finished with a clear lacquer
Round inner
Round table

Here again looking down into the table.
This time there is only one light, 110mm round.

The Rectangle Table

Here the table is made from Solid Oak and weighs quite a lot,
because of the weight the pedestal is designed in two sections
and can be parted for moving. Finished in a clear lacquer. Straight lines are the best forms for solid wood, as soon as
you start getting into curves with solid wood the cost raises fast.
Square table inn
All the lights in the Tables are low voltage for safety, to keep heat down and most importantly so you are not blinded at lunch time!
Square table

Designer Dining – Creating Elegance and Beauty with Angles and Light.