Antique Painted Bookcase

A commissioned piece, this bookcase was designed with the client to fit the space at the top of the stairs. We discuss her requirements and did some rough sketches, from these I put together the 3 drawings shown here.


Here you can see the bookcase in it’s bare state, the carecase
is made from MDF and all the mouldings, door frames and
the centre bed is made from Tulipwood. The shelves (not shown)
were made from Blockboard lipped with Tulipwood.


As you can see the alterations on the first drawings were only the bottom doors. The client chose number 3, my favourite choice also. The final details to be added were curving the top frame to match the curve of the doors, and adding a fretted detail to the centre of the cornice.

Being made

The client wanted an antiqued paint finish (hense the MDF structure), several samples were produce and a
choice was made of a light grey antique wash, and a white interior

This is the finished bookcase in the clients house

In the house
Bottom doors
Full of books