Mahogany Breakfront Bookcase

This commission came from an Interior Designer in Winchester, for one of her clients. Her client had seen pictures of various bookcases in magazines, in some they liked the top, some the doors and others the layout, but nothing was exactly right. That was when the designer contacted me with the intention of commissioning a bespoke bookcase with all the right details and the right sizes to fit the space intended.

I met with the interior designer and the client and went through all the requirements and sizes, they showed me designs they had found and what parts they liked. I then went away and put all the parts together and came up with the design you see opposite.

Bookcase closed
Bookcase open

The entire bookcase is made from solid wood. The carcase is American Popular and the drawers are Oak. The external surfaces are veneered in Mahogany, Flame Mahogany on the Bottom door panels and drawer fronts, Fiddle back Mahogany on the door surrounds (top and bottom). All the moldings are solid Mahogany.

As you can see from the scale compared to the chair this is not a small item, it measures about 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The top doors are all hand putty glazed with 2mm glass.