Built in Cabinets

These were made for a private client, the design and measurements were supplied by the client which had been drawn up by an architect. They were designed to do specific jobs and therefore were not a pair, I will go into more detail on the differences further down. To the right is a photo of the left hand side cabinet in it's first stage of manufacture in the workshop, notice the box style construction.

In Workshop
In Workshop

Here you see the same cabinet a little further on

The next 2 photos below show the differences between the two cabinets and how they
look in the clients house

Doors closed
Doors open

The Differences :

Looking at the RHS picture the right hand cabinet obviously has a big TV in it, not quite so obvious looking at it in the left hand side picture though.

The drawers on the LHS cabinet are actually drawers, the reason I say this is because although the RHS cabinet appears
to have drawers, if you look closely at the RHS picture, you can actually see they are in fact Flaps. These
fold down to allow access to the DVD, video and home theatre. You can also see here that the bottom
doors have grilles in, this is for the speakers that are inside them.

I would like to show you the difference lighting makes to a piece of furniture, and the atmosphere of the
entire room. This is really something to consider when designing your ideal overall look.

No lights
Lights on