Neil busby

Hello, my name is Neil Busby.
Above you can see me hard at work
polishing a Mahogany side table. I have been restoring and making furniture for about 24 years now and I have to say I really do enjoy my job. People ask which I prefer, restoring or making. To be honest I like them both, I think the change between the two keeps each other fresh.

Antique restoration was my original apprenticeship with “Gallery Antiques” in Winchester which I started in August 1988. Part of the apprenticeship was a course at “Highbury College” (Furniturecraft 555) studying furniture repair and manufacture, this was a five year course which I completed with merit and distinction.

After a few years of working here and there and also being self employed I was lucky enough to be employed as the head restorer for “JW Blanchard Antiques” also in Winchester. I worked here for 5 years before starting my own business as it is now. I am still
associated with JW Blanchard, now
trading from London, I am pleased to continue to do their restoration.

French Polishing
New Furniture
Antique Restoration


Antique Restoration

Full professional antique restoration, cabinet repairs, breaks etc, French polishing and colouring,
veneering and veneer repairs.

New Furniture

If you are looking for furniture that fits the space you want it to, or serves the purpose you require then why not have it made. Whether you need something simple or complex, I can design it with you to suit style and budget

French Polishing

Complete French polishing or just repairs, this is a skill best left to the professionals.
I can also offer several other finishing options including modern lacquers.


Stanley Blanchard wrote :

“The Family business, which has been in the antiques trade for over one hundred years, has employed restorers of the finest caliber. This is a skill that is increasingly hard to find and Neil Busby possesses that unique and rare skill. Having been in the antiques business for over seventy years myself, I have rarely worked with someone as talented and versatile as Neil. He is without a doubt one of the finest restorers working today.”

Stanley Blanchard

Daniel Mankowitz wrote :

“I've been in the Antiques business for over 30 years now and I know how important it is to have a good restorer behind you. Neil is one of the best I have worked with ; He understands exactly how antique furniture should look, and possesses the talent to achieve it.”

Daniel Mankowitz

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NB Furnishings
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